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Kruder + Dorfmeister :: 1995

I can’t tell if having a name that sounds like something SNL cooked up for a sketch about a pair of Austrian DJs is good or bad for this pair of Austrian DJs. These soulful electronic compositions unearthed from the last century are no joke, though.

Wagon Christ :: Recepticon

Some people will slice and dice their way to a hostile disjointed soundscape filled with vague unease, but Wagon Christ’s approach yields something sunnier and wholesome, like fruit salad.

Ghost Funk Orchestra :: An Ode To Escapism

Visiting exotic destinations has become an armchair pastime lately, and if you need a soundtrack for your virtual excursions to places far and strange, this futuristic mix of global beats and funk grooves is surely your ticket.

Crocodiles :: Shitty Times Volume 3

This is the third release in a series of benefit cassette (and digital) releases, all featuring covers of music that is sometimes brazenly obscure, and this one is my favorite of the lot.

The Nude Party :: Midnight Manor

The word “party” is right there in the name, as is the word “nude”, and it might be a coincidence, but this is rowdy, horny, let-it-all-hang-out rock and roll music.

Jah Wobble :: Nocturne in the City (Ambient Jazz Grooves)

Among the lockdown detritus of 2020 is this gem showing the introspective jazzy musings of one of the most important dub and post-punk bassists of the last 40 years.

Tricky :: Fall To Pieces

Tricky’s approach to music, with subdued tempos and striking contrasts (like pitting his industrial grit voice against Marta’s honeyed vocals) has not dulled over the years, glinting in the streetlight like an out of place scalpel.

The Cambodian Space Project :: Electric Blue Boogaloo

The name would lead you to expect old-school riff-heavy fuzzed-out psychedelia with a strong southeast Asian accent, and it would lead you true.