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La Luz :: Floating Features

La Luz takes everything that’s great about surf rock and dreamy girl vocals, gives it a new coat of paint, fills it with high-octane, and dares you to keep up.

King Tuff :: The Other

King Tuff clearly has a rock and roll heart, with the sort of grandiose expression that has a southern blues charm.

Forth Wanderers :: Forth Wanderers

Wildly dynamic swings of mood from this rock-format combo, filled with sweet chiming vocal harmonies set against dissonance and rhythm.

Beechwood :: Inside The Flesh Hotel

Good collection of indie rock music, with influences stretching over several decades and a good variety of sounds.

Black Moth Super Rainbow :: Panic Blooms

Is it experimental psychedelia or is it the soundtrack to a fragmented dream? It is not necessary to decide.

Beach House :: 7

Washes of sound surround you as half-heard vocals intertwine with half-remembered melodies.

Speedy Ortiz :: Twerp Verse

A powerful set of guitar pop songs, fronted by sometimes disaffected indie female vocals.

Post Animal :: When I Think Of You In A Castle

Seriously kinetic, full of unexpected musical twists and turns, and at the same time prone to laying down an excellent drone beat.