Teakettle Time :: Episode 01

: :

with Zelda Chomsky


Hey JC!


Hey guys, it’s Zelda, and I have fifteen minutes before my next dog-walking appoinment.

It’s just about enough time to play you some of my absolute favorite whistling solos.

I love whistling, I think it’s a sound that goes beyond the human voice into the realm of absolute purity.

But I have a secret.

Weeee weeee JC!

Weee weeee!

This is my best attempt.

I can’t do it!

I just can’t whistle.

I have a plastic whistle for the dogs because sometimes a leash is not going to get a Great Dane’s attention.

But that’s not why I’m here.

We’re going to listen to Sonny Smith, the Wizard of Whistledom as he brings us his international smash hit: ‘X-Man.’

Once he stops babbling and hits that slide up to a G flat, my world stops like I just saw a squirrel.

You know… it’s enough to make a girl a little bit jealous.


Just play the song, Lacking.

Sonny Smith. X-Man.


» X-Man / Sonny Smith

How I wish I could purse my lips and make that sweet singing sigh, the whistle, like Sonny Smith.

But you know who else can?

Ted Leo can!

He used to work at a pharmacy or something.

I used to walk his Waffel-hund, or I think one time he bought me a waffle dog.

But you don’t have to take my word for it.

This is just such an amazing song, especially the whistling solo part in the middle.

I just wish Ted would do more whistling and less playing the clavinet, or that thing that he hits.

He has a lovely singing voice too!

He should use it less.

So we can all contain ourselves, barely, like a dachsund with a new toy, while Ted Leo does the thing that people tell me he does well, then he whistles!

He whistles!

» Six Months In A Leaky Boat / Ted Leo

Sibilations and salutations, Ted Leo

Do not be distracted by the tragedy of this song having come to an end, for there is another whistling solo coming up.

Good old Charlie Chesterman.

I used to walk his weimeraner.

Or maybe I helped him move a chest of drawers one time.

I don’t remember!

I always figured he was more of a cat person, but I can be wrong some times.

It’s allowed.

Also, he had a purple rug.

Not many people have purple rugs.

After Charlie sorts through his things, and gets in some fancy bassoon or whatever licks, the whistling solo comes up.

I can hardly wait, I’m having a hard time not fast forwarding it for you guys.

But you have to listen to some lyrics, to appear literate or whatever.

Just play them the track! Get to it.

» The Missing Person’s Waltz / Charlie Chesterman

I can’t tell you how excited I was about the last track.

At least, I can’t tell you in words.

I could maybe whistle it, since whistling is the highest of possible artforms, but alas.

I can’t whistle!

But don’t worry, guys, I’m going to keep practicing.

In the meantime, if you need to get a hold of me, just purse your lips…

…and send me a text message.