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The Love Language :: Baby Grand

Swirling with electronic highlights, these emotional songs provide multiple layers, angelic choruses, and expressive lyrics.

Tokyo Police Club :: TPC

Solid collection of guitar-forward indie rock.

Kero Kero Bonito :: Time n’ Place

The off-kilter combination of glossy vaguely Japanese pop and glitching vaguely Japanese noise treatments make for an interesting mix.

Hippo Campus :: Bambi

Nicely done collection of funky pop, or poppy funk.

All Them Witches :: ATW

A rollicking ride through rock and roll’s back roads, with fuzzed-out riffing coming on way too loud for the stereo. Good times.

Spider Bags :: Someday Everything Will Be Fine

Fast-forward punk, with the sort of edge that comes from the current DIY movement, and an unknown spice that makes the songs stand out from your standard barrage of fuzzed out chords and beats.

The Rubens :: Lo La Ru

Fantastic Aussie rock-pop with a lot of variety, each song having its own strange melodic structure and personality.

Shy Boys :: Bell House

Very understated, yet completely engaging. Shy Boys live up to their name with this collection of softly-strummed, gently-tapped, whisper-harmonized indie basement gems.