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Jr. Jr. :: Invocation / Conversations

Delicious pop conconctions, loaded with clever production flourishes and infectious melodies wrapped around a soulful core.

The Aggrolites :: Reggae Now!

It’s not ska, and it’s not rocksteady, but it’s definitely Jamaican and powerfully dancy — you can call it “69 Reggae” after the year of its initial popularity.

Cate Le Bon :: Reward

Supremely introspective and carefully arranged, this collection of songs that range from lushly orchestrated to uncomfortably angular makes for a great moody journey

Com Truise :: Persuasion System

One time, this robot arm at the plant started going haywire, flailing around, it was going to kill someone. We played it some Com Truise and it calmed right down.

Imperial Wax :: Gastwerk Saboteurs

After serving 11 years backing Mark E. Smith, this bands breaks out into a dark rock sound, thrilling with its edgy energy and monster riffing.

Nots :: 3

Mosh pit melodies for Daleks. Aggressive hardcore beats, with theremin, snarky bass, and chanting vocals instead of distorted guitar.

CJ Ramone :: The Holy Spell…

Once a Ramone always a Ramone, one supposes, but this is closer to Southern California chug-core than gritty Queens punk. Nonetheless, a fun time.

The Woolly Bushmen :: In Shambles

This Florida garage-rock combo provides complete party in audio format, featuring regrettable debauchery, frenzied dancing, and a desire to not have the fun ever end.