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Cones :: Pictures of Pictures

Solid guitar and keyboard pop, on the gentle dreamy side, with whispery singing and sharp arrangements.

David Kilgour + the Heavy Eights :: Bobbie’s A Girl

Gentle music for a pastoral New Zealand scene, with tappity drums and soft jangles playfully jostling understated vocals.

Babe Rainbow :: Today

An extremely diverse outing, with songs cutting across many genres but sharing a generally sunny and engaging disposition, delivered with casual ease and filled with memorable hooks.

Pixies :: Beneath The Eyrie

Reminiscent of Bossanova-era songwriting, the band continues to make use of twisted lyrics and unexpected melodic flourishes to further iterate on their iconic sound.

Devendra Banhart :: Ma

Orchestral and very intelligent singer-songwriter music that yields some very intricate arrangements without being overwhelming and overwrought.

Twin Peaks :: Lookout Low

Indie rock is evergreen, especially when mixed with elements of psychedelia and southern boogie.

Le Big Zero :: Ollie Oxen Free

Pop jigsaw symphonies, incongruous bits and pieces of songs interlocking together into a hypnotic cascade of rhythms, melodies, and harmonies.

Guaxe :: Paraty, Brazil

Intensely layered psychedelic outing from Brazil, with a collection of instrumentals and softly-sibilant Portuguese designed to transport you on a multicolored rainbow of spices.