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Tricky :: Fall To Pieces

Tricky’s approach to music, with subdued tempos and striking contrasts (like pitting his industrial grit voice against Marta’s honeyed vocals) has not dulled over the years, glinting in the streetlight like an out of place scalpel.

The Cambodian Space Project :: Electric Blue Boogaloo

The name would lead you to expect old-school riff-heavy fuzzed-out psychedelia with a strong southeast Asian accent, and it would lead you true.

Bill Callahan :: Gold Record

Callahan’s deep gruff voice meanders through acoustic non-linear arrangements like a limo driver telling a story, completely oblivious to their own cowboy poetry.

The Bobby Lees :: Skin Suit

The insurance inspector shook her head. She’d never seen a fire consume a structure so quickly and completely; this must be some new form of accelerant. Most curiously, the inferno seemed to have started at the stereo speakers.

Yello :: Point

The recipe for Yello’s bass-heavy, rhythmic, mid-tempo groovecake has not changed in forever, and it still makes the ideal soundtrack for putting on your sunglasses and slouching down in your seat.

Old 97's :: Twelfth

Someone threw a key party for a bunch of musical genres, and Americana, Rock, and Punk left together. On the dashboard radio on the way to the motel, the Old 97’s were playing.

illuminati hotties :: FREE I.H: This Is Not The One You've Been Waiting For

Swerving wildly between sweetly melodic and audibly unhinged, this carousel of buzzsaw-inflected ditties definitely whirls too fast, and you’ll enjoy every minute of its glitchy post-hardcore pop magic.

NOFX + Frank Turner :: West Coast vs. Wessex

Two very political acts, performing each other’s songs. NOFX is archetypically SoCal snot-nose punk, while Frank Turner is from a proud tradition of left-leaning UK strummers, but the songs fare well in any protester’s hands.