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Das Clamps :: Shit Music For Shit People

A rowdy, loving tribute to The Cramps, even rawer and more intransigent than the original, from two women furiously channeling Lux Interior and Poison Ivy.

Negativland :: True False

Layers of samples, voices, music, found audio, sound effects, and other bizarre elements make up these haunting compositions from the masters of audio collage.

Peach Pyramid :: Bright Blue

Delightfully twee songs, filled with shimmering melodies, sparkling production, and heavenly choruses.

Bombadil :: Beautiful Country

Very agreeable folk pop, with clever harmonies and sharp hooks making it the sort of music to bring on a road trip.

Y La Bamba :: Entre Los Dos

An exuberant mix of weird rock, Latin influences, and mysterious elements, resulting in some sort of white hot fusion.

Vivian Girls :: Memory

The girl group aesthetic survives, drenched in spring reverb and distant crooning, and it’s not just unscathed, it’s very agitated and ready to rip throats.

M83 :: DSVII

Very low-key instrumentals, dependent more on subtle dynamics than on any sort of recognizable or repeatable melodic content. Quite intellectual and meditative.

The High Dials :: Primitive Feelings

A bit of a throwback to the sound of late ‘80s Manchester and subsequent British psychedelic pop, presented with a pulsating dance beat and dreamy multilayered vocals.