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Faith Healer :: Try ;-)

A variety of sounds and moods from this duo. Yes, that is a winky emoticon in the album title.

Esoebo :: IV

It stands for “Eclecting Selections Of Everything But Opera”, but mostly smokey bluesy jazzy country stuff with some interesting additional instruments. Pronounced “Ee-so-bo”.

The Safes :: Tasty Waves

This trio of brothers make a racket that’s a lot of fun, and catchy as hack.

Death From Above :: Outrage! is Now

There’s a very straight line between classic rock and this stuff — riff heavy, loaded with hooks and dynamics, and a sense of epic scale beyond the noise that some dudes with instruments could make.

Chad Van Gaalen :: Light Information

Strange songs, played by one man with a strange voice. Science fiction alienation and lush arrangements make for an unexpected series of sonic twists and turns.

Ted Leo :: The Hanged Man

Solo effort from longtime pop gem Ted Leo, filled with wicked hooks and his distinctive singing voice.

J. Roddy Walston & The Business :: Destroyers Of The Soft Life

Good southern-tinged rock, anthemic and singalong. Nothing ground-breaking, but top-notch songwriting and production.

Whitney Rose :: Rule 62

There is nothing about Whitney Rose’s country music that sets it apart from the archetype of a traditional female country singer, but great vocals and top-notch performances by an all-star cast of studio musicians make this a fun listen.