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Ariel Pink :: Dedicated to Bobby Jameson

Off-kilter washes of synth and gothic vocals amidst psychedelic folk, rushes of prog rock, and incredibly delicate moments.

Antibalas :: Where The Gods Are In Peace

Great modern take on the Afrobeat genre, with a healthy dash of psychedelic punk.

Hazelrigg Brothers :: Songs We Like

Jazz trio renditions of a curiously selected set of songs. Jimi Hendrix, Bartok, the Police, Led Zeppelin (twice), Steely Dan, and more all get a turn.

Lee "Scratch" Perry :: Super Ape Returns To Conquer

Returning to the seminal “Super Ape” album after four decades, Perry proves he’s adept at new technologies as well as old techniques.

L.A. Witch :: L.A. Witch

Reverb-drenched heavy rock, aptly living up to its name with a blend of rockabilly, surf, and disaffected retro-cool.

Faith Healer :: Try ;-)

A variety of sounds and moods from this duo. Yes, that is a winky emoticon in the album title.

Esoebo :: IV

It stands for “Eclecting Selections Of Everything But Opera”, but mostly smokey bluesy jazzy country stuff with some interesting additional instruments. Pronounced “Ee-so-bo”.

The Safes :: Tasty Waves

This trio of brothers make a racket that’s a lot of fun, and catchy as hack.