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Liars :: TFCF

Down to one original member, who recorded most of this in the Australian bush, this album sounds desperate and hopeful at the same time with its strange mix of acoustic, electronic, and environmental sounds.

Wolf Parade :: Cry Cry Cry

Dense arrangements of fragile parts, a wide palette of textures and tempos, and a pervading sense of drama make this a collection of pensive songs

Mister Heavenly :: Boxing The Moonlight

If the aliens thought we communicated in oldies, and were trying to send us a message, this would be it.

Reptaliens :: FM-2030

An eccentric selection of songs, teetering on the edges of what is considered decent girl-fronted pop.

Phono Pony :: Death by Blowfish EP

Four chuggy songs showing great promise. From Canada.

Free Radicals :: Outside the Comfort Zone

A dynamic collection of mostly-short funky jazz instrumentals, with a full horn section and a driving beat.

Wolf Alice :: Visions of a Life

Guitars, synths, great production, and pop hooks a-plenty.

Chicago Afrobeat Project :: What Goes Up

More modern Afrobeat, connected to the source via drummer Tony Allen. A wild collection of Chicago talents united for a smoothly entrancing session of shorter (for Afrobeat) songs.