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Walrus :: Cool To Who

Sounding a lot like the heyday of 1990s indie dream pop, Walrus keeps it a little spicy if not very distinctive.

Corridor :: Junior

Francophonic guitar attaque, brimming with chiming arpeggios, complicated stringular interplay, and words beyond comprehension but not understanding.

Greezy Wheels :: Ain’t Quite Like That

A mix of country, western swing, rockabilly, and various other semi-compatible genres, paired with seductive vocals and plenty of musical swagger.

Big Thief :: Two Hands

A distinctive female voice fronting a standard indie combo is not the most exciting formula, but Big Thief has a penchant for weird flourishes and unexpected changes that keeps things interesting

Levitation Room :: Headspace

Verring wildly from soft-funk to outright garage fuzz, this wouldn’t be out of place coming out the AM radio and windows of a 1974 Maverick.

HalfNoise :: Natural Disguise

Forward-looking dance funk, the kind of music that immediately makes you grab the closest person by the wrist and drag them to the dance floor.

Temples :: Hot Motion

Modern electronic soul, richly layered and intricately produced, with decidedly old-fashioned influences from ‘60s girl groups, ‘70s AM radio, ‘80s club hits, and so on.

Sturgill Simpson :: Sound + Fury

Simpson made a name for himself with introspective Americana, but this injects a confusing high-energy EDM element, with mixed results. I imagine die-hard ZZ Top fans felt the same way about “Eliminator”.