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Escape-ism :: Introduction to Escape-Ism

This is Ian Svenonius’ latest foray, a beatbox-backed recitation of lackadaisical poetry swimming in over-the-top soul delivery.

La Louma :: Let The World Be Flooded Out

Intriguing set of well-crafted songs from this solo artist.

Fever Ray :: Plunge

Sparse and electronic, sometimes abrasive, this project from Swedish vocalist Karin Elisabeth Dreijer can be difficult and/or rewarding.

Diamante Eléctrico :: Diamante Eléctrico

Rock latino, full-on-boogie, or as they say in their native Colombia, “bugi.”

Makthaverskan :: III

Swirling and pounding sounds with reverb-drenched vocals from this Swedish “post-punk” outfit

Destroyer :: ken

Dan Bejar’s own project features his distinctive voice and musical mannerisms, carried over from the ‘80s.

Bully :: Losing

Wildly dynamic outfit with in-your-face female vocals. Sounds twenty years old and completely new at the same time.

Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile :: Lotta Sea Lice

Such grand disaffection from this US/AUS pairing … my new favorite Kurt and Courtney, providing the weirdest yet most natural male/female vocal duets.