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Loma :: Loma

Dark and light, sparse and lush, this is an album of dynamics and contrast, fronted by an angelic female voice.

Kyle Craft :: Full Circle Nightmare

A master songwriter effortlessly putting out majestic compositions that will stick in your head for weeks.

Jeff Rosenstock :: POST-

Great singalong spirit, hot flaming hooks, and actual things to say.

Holy :: All These Worlds Are Yours

Dense arrangements make for a hallucinatory experience as each song feels like a symphony passing you by at light speed.

Hollie Cook :: Vessel of Love

Pitch perfect UK reggae from the Slits vocalist, full of heavenly harmonies and thumping bass.

Grand Analog :: Survival EP

Soulful beats in the style of old-school acid jazz, mostly instrumental.

Julian Lage :: Modern Lore

High-order guitar instrumentals more concerned with melody and expression than pyrotechnics. Truly ear-opening.

Various Artists :: Dr. Demento Covered In Punk

Take the most memorable weirdness to come out of Dr. Demento’s near-50-year reign and let a bunch of punks cover them.