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Calpurnia :: Scout EP

Some very young Canadians show plenty of promos with this pleasantly bratty set of indie guitar rock.

The Cleveland Steamers :: Best Record Ever

Hard-rocking, beer-chugging, smoke-breaking anthems from this Cleveland couple. They can also veer into weird and spooky.

Jo Passed :: Their Prime

Somewhere beyond easy genres is this woozy mix of indie soul and post-rock complication.

Ty Richards :: Welcome to Flat Earth

Another one-man rock act that wears its influences on its sleeve, but it’s well done so don’t take that as a complaint. Highly political.

Ruler :: Winning Star Champion

A brilliant collection of indie pop gems, featuring the sounds and hooks that made “alternative music” so great in the first place.

La Luz :: Floating Features

La Luz takes everything that’s great about surf rock and dreamy girl vocals, gives it a new coat of paint, fills it with high-octane, and dares you to keep up.

King Tuff :: The Other

King Tuff clearly has a rock and roll heart, with the sort of grandiose expression that has a southern blues charm.

Forth Wanderers :: Forth Wanderers

Wildly dynamic swings of mood from this rock-format combo, filled with sweet chiming vocal harmonies set against dissonance and rhythm.