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Shy Boys :: Bell House

Very understated, yet completely engaging. Shy Boys live up to their name with this collection of softly-strummed, gently-tapped, whisper-harmonized indie basement gems.

Wild Pink :: Yolk In The Fur

Alternative rock with a tinge of Americana, the perfect thing to eat up miles and miles of road trip.

The Purrs :: Destroy The Sun

Driving indie guitar rock with extra-strength riffs and detailed dynamics, great harmonies, and memorable hooks.

Thin Lips :: Chosen Family

Rock anthems filled with quirky bits of beat and string, layered with some honey-toned vocals and surging guitars.

Gang Gang Dance :: Kazuashita

An intense mix of international flavors and electronic treatments, this album is an exotic transcendental journey across imaginary foreign lands.

The Creation Factory :: The Creation Factory

A pitch perfect replica of what made the British Invasion so formidable. Face-melting fuzz, underwater cathedral organs, warbling vocal harmonies, and so much more.

Jamie Younkin :: Did It Anyway

Trumpeter Jamie Younkin mixes standards and her own compositions in this smoky set of songs that feature languid vocals and finessed horn playing.

BĂȘnnĂ­ :: The Return

Cinematic expressions of synthesis collide and swirl for an introspective instrumental journey. Analog reigns supreme to bring an auditory vision of a future from the past.