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mewithoutYou :: [untitled]

Somewhat screamy post-punk filled with jagged stabs of guitar and a thundering rhythm section that casually locks in weirdly-metered fills.

Mudhoney :: Digital Garbage

The Neanderthals of the Seattle “grunge” sound remain in top form with eleven angry, buzzing indictments of modern living.

Low :: Double Negative

This is the old Low turned up to 15. All hail the new Low! Note: This is very noisy and distorted. The machinery is not acting up.

Le Shok :: We Are Electrocution

Short blasts of raw fury, seething with rage, dirty keyboards, and quite a lot of fun.

Jon Spencer :: Spencer Sings The Hits

Spencer delivers another trash-talkin’, leg-humpin’, hip-grindin’ album in his particular inimitable style.

Shannen Moser :: I’ll Sing

A distinctive voice and a careful meandering through the forests between Americana and indie rock make this a memorable set of songs.

Jesse and the Dandelions :: Give Up The Gold

Thoughtful and delicate, this collection of songs features a variety of near-pastoral pop tunes.

Iron and Wine :: Weed Garden EP

A brief taste of Iron and Wine’s evolving style, filling out the expected introspective strumming with updated production and a fuller “band” feel.