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Interpol :: Marauder

Overthinking garage rock never goes out of style, and Interpol continues to put out albums that sound just like Interpol.

Brick + Mortar :: Meta Meta Etc.

Diverse mix of influences, from synth pop to hip hop to plain old indie rock.

Bird Streets :: Bird Streets

Smart guitar pop never goes out of style, and sharp lyrics make it all the better.

Mass Gothic :: I’ve Tortured You Long Enough

Very carefully constructed selection of cavernous compositions studded with a grandiose feel, fine detail, and moody lyrics.

White Denim :: Performance

A modern amalgam of fuzz, psychedelia, baroque pop, and over-the-top production, filled with hooks baited with earworms.

Rubblebucket :: Sun Machine

Like chocolate-covered potato chips, this mixture of disparate ingredients sounds unlikely but sounds delicious.

Cullen Omori :: The Diet

A solid effort filled with gently sparkling guitar lines and subtle hooks, this manages to sound completely retro and current at the same time.

Rollercoasterwater :: Degauss

Angular and glitchy while remaining melodic, this is a labyrinthine set of electronic compositions inviting attention to detail or outright zoning out.