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Mike Krol :: Power Chords

Punchy and punch drunk laments wrapped in glorious blankets of fuzz and overgained vocals.

Wolf + Moon :: Before It Gets Dark

Well-produced synth / indie pop, with clear female vocals and a variety of styles, from dance-floor anthems to wispy desert ballads.

Swervedriver :: Future Ruins

Hailing from the original wave of shoegaze, the band delivers the expected dosage of swooping guitar amidst dream-state vocals and rock rhythms

Toro Y Moi :: Outer Peace

The beat rules supreme, the instrumentation is slinky, the vocals are coaxing you to the dance floor, and the whole thing says you’re going to be up all night.

American High :: UN Article 14

These lush harmonies with a sharp pop sensibility are hiding a set of biting and insightful lyrics.

The Transgressors :: They Made Her A Criminal

High octane fuel for your sonic funnycar, this is a set of guitar driven fuzzy twang, straddling the line between country and rock but doing it sideways and lots of attitude.

Old Time Relijun :: See Now and How

What kind of raving madman discotheque is this? I don’t care that the singer yells like a man stuck in a tarpit, I’m staying for the groove.

Metric :: Art of Doubt

With Emily Haines’ expressive vocals standing proud and up front, this is a collection of catchy singalong dance rock anthems.