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La Dame Blanche :: Bajo el Mismo Cielo

A Cuban transplant in Paris, this artist mixes Afro-Cuban elements with modern trap and reggaeton, spicing it up with many other influences to make for a very danceable time.

Hawk :: Bomb Pop

Solid power-pop outing with an all-star cast… a must for fans of the Yellow Pills series.

Le Rug :: Bleenex

Bewildering and enchanting solo project that can swing dramatically between lo-fi and supremely nuanced

Makeness :: Loud Patterns

An engaging hybrid of analog and electronic sounds, with occasional soulful vocals intertwined in the mix.

Naked Giants :: Sluff

This goes all over the place, but mostly rocks hard with inventive arrangements and infectious hooks.

Telamor :: Crush

One-man band Tom Hauck is Telamor, with a variety of songs that sounds like they were lifted straight out of ‘80s college radio

Screaming Females :: All At Once

Fronted by Marissa Paternoster’s dramatic and dynamic vocals, this power trio hearkens back to the DIY indie scene

Ride :: Tomorrow’s Shore EP

Washes of fuzzed-out bliss at your choice of tempos