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Frankie and the Witchfingers :: Zam

Original psychedelic riff rock is an oxymoron … what matters is the ability to get you off your seat, which this band has aplenty

Telekinesis :: Effluxion

An unusually sharp pop sensibility keeps this outfit from blending into the background, with rough-and-tumble rocking.

Pom Poko :: Birthday

Norwegian death pop worthy of Dave Brubeck with its catchy off-meter hooks takes you through a rainbow-colored tunnel of sharp candy shards.

Martin Frawley :: Undone At 31

Martin is baring his soul, exposing his darkest secrets in a whispered croon, here inside this closet.

Shook Twins :: Some Good Lives

Solid songs that mix a generous dollop of traditional country elements with a big scoop of indie pop.

Anemone :: Beat My Distance

Heavenly melodies, luscious harmonies, over-chorused guitar jangles, and a sunny sparkling delivery make this suitable for ‘90s 4AD fans.

Panda Bear :: Buoys

Multilayered excursions into the analog and digital realms, blurring everything into a psychoactive tapestry.

Ladytron :: Ladytron

Eminently danceable and frequently dark, this is what robots put on to seduce each other