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Cayucas :: Real Life

Clever pop songs, filled with good hooks and ready for mixtapes

The Budos Band :: The Budos Band V

A completely international approach to music, with influences ranging from funk to afrobeat to Balkan brass, blurring genres and locations in a glorious celebration of groove.

Fontaines DC :: Dogrel

Razor-sharp post-punk delivered with a disaffected Irish brogue. Very smart on many levels, recalling The Fall when they were at their most musical

Øzwald :: Sweet Delirium

Sparkling gems, with great ‘70s AM radio hooks and harmonies and incredibly detailed production.

Drunken Prayer :: Cordelia Elsewhere

There’s a handful of acts that can stand out in the vast prairie that makes up modern rural American music, transcending strummy acoustic guitars and introspective lyrics to make something deeper.

John Vanderslice :: The Cedars

A meticulously crafted release, with extreme attention to detail and a great sense of cohesion despite a wide variety of sounds… destined to be a classic.

Orville Peck :: Pony

Old fashioned haunted country music… Orville Peck howls, croons, and yodels in a way that is extremely dramatic, yet never quite goes over the top.

Delicate Steve :: Till I Burn Up

Quite the military parade, a non-stop set of marching songs for liquid guitar and drum machine.