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Imperial Wax :: Gastwerk Saboteurs

After serving 11 years backing Mark E. Smith, this bands breaks out into a dark rock sound, thrilling with its edgy energy and monster riffing.

Nots :: 3

Mosh pit melodies for Daleks. Aggressive hardcore beats, with theremin, snarky bass, and chanting vocals instead of distorted guitar.

CJ Ramone :: The Holy Spell…

Once a Ramone always a Ramone, one supposes, but this is closer to Southern California chug-core than gritty Queens punk. Nonetheless, a fun time.

The Woolly Bushmen :: In Shambles

This Florida garage-rock combo provides complete party in audio format, featuring regrettable debauchery, frenzied dancing, and a desire to not have the fun ever end.

Daddy Long Legs :: Lowdown Ways

Having the word “daddy” in your band’s name is a tough bar to clear, and these guys have just the type of delta blues sleaze to make it over easy.

Tacocat :: This Mess Is A Place

It’s catchy pop punk, and it’s clearly female-powered, but there’s more here than rainbow stickers, glorious hooks and riffs, and big puffy girl handwriting.

Versing :: 10,000

Focused on the guitar but not so much in keeping things in normal scale systems, this band punches through some heavy dissonance to make for memorable riffs.

Big Thief :: U.F.O.F.

Mysteriously complicated folk music, with the sort of lush guitar arrangements and ethereal vocals that brought 4AD to prominence 30+ years ago.