Juliana Hatfield :: Sings The Police

The source material is brilliant, but the interpretations are so uneven that it’s more like “Juliana Hatfield’s Wax Museum of Songs by The Police”.

Sean Henry :: A Jump from the High Dive

Another solo pop genius wunderkind, blasting it out of the water with a summery mix of rock and psychedelia.

Omni :: Networker

A strange confluence of influences, with a lot of dynamic arrangements and plenty of weird hooks that shouldn’t work but are lethally effective.

The Shivas :: Dark Thoughts

Psychedelic surf music from Portland, impossibly catchy and off-the-cuff, built on riffs that bludgeon you like a deliciously dense spongecake.

Lakou Mizik :: HaitiaNola

A simmering stew of cross-cultural influences, as the African and Creole sounds of Haiti blend with New Orleans’ own unique funk. The results are as energetic and danceable as you’d expect

Fly My Pretties :: The Studio Recordings

A disparate assemblage of New Zealand musicians yielding a disparate assemblage of styles, from dusty ballads to reggae whimsy to downright funk.

Black Marble :: Bigger Than Life

Analog synthesizers still sound like the shiny plastic future, even if they’re likely older than the young man fiddling with them in the California sunshine.

Walrus :: Cool To Who

Sounding a lot like the heyday of 1990s indie dream pop, Walrus keeps it a little spicy if not very distinctive.