Fantastic Negrito :: Have You Lost Your Mind Yet?

The essence of R&B, with a soulful vocals that range from besotted to anguished and lush harmonic arrangements covering slow jams, hot funk and everything in between.

Joey Joesph :: Smile

Covering the Beach Boys’ mythical album Smile from start to finish is not an original idea, but Joesph’s take on the matter is filled to the brim with inventive perspectives on a lost classic.

Nano Banton :: Inna De Bedroom

The name should be enough to tune you in, but a more descriptive review would be to say this is deconstructed chiptune jungle dub, all your favorite riddims as DJ’d by the Mario Brothers.

The Fearless Flyers :: Tailwinds

“Fearless” is a good word to use for this fully-formed funk outfit, as are “fierce,” “fiery,” “finessed,” “futuristic,” and so many effing others. A blend of precision and groove that does well on repeat.

Peter Bjorn + John :: Endless Dream

Not exactly dance music, but very danceable music, filled with intricate pop arrangements, sly lyrics, and impeccable production.

Disq :: Collector

Finely crafted pop songs dressed up in rock outfits, shifting moods and approaches with every track.

Tennis :: Swimmer

Intricate blue-eyed soul arrangements and a heavenly female pop singer intersect into something decidedly sturdy and magnetic.

Clifffs :: Panic Attack

Edgy and propulsive in a way that fills songs with multitudes of hooks and excitements, alive with nervy energy and unafraid to fit it all in under two minutes.