Certain Animals :: Songs To Make You Move

Dutch indie rock psychedelic bands often stand out from their UK or US counterparts because they are just too good at the tropes. It’s like they took the test and got 110%, and there wasn’t even extra credit.

Bootsy Collins :: The Power of the One

Bootsy lays out the not-so-secret ingredient in funk right there in the title, and then gives you a giant plate and puts you at the head of the line of this 70-minute buffet of lose-you-inhibitions-and-dig-in variations on the recipe.

Free Radicals :: White Power Outage vol. 1

I haven’t seen the word skronk bandied about lately, it feels good to bring it out again. The Free Radicals are rhythmic, abrasive, definitely political, but most of all extra funky and pure of heart.

Woods :: Strange To Explain

If this band were actual woods, they would be filled with fog swirling in sunlight, sparkling yet tenebrous, a distant falsetto clearly audible inside your ear as the leaves are chiming in the light.

Lunchbox :: After School Special

They hit hard and they hit fast, with half of the songs here clocking in at two minutes or less, but they also hit sweet, with layers of boy-girl harmonies and drizzles of horn section.

A Tale of Golden Keys :: The Only Thing That’s Real

When I hear indie pop as carefully crafted as this, with luminous chord changes and impeccable diction, I immediately suspect a Dutch or German origin… these cats are from Nuremberg.

Young Fresh Fellows :: Toxic Youth

The boys are back, fresh as ever and resplendent in stereo as they churn more of their distinctive hot-rod music, guitar-bass-drum sounds suitable for the open road and a full throttle.

Vulfpeck :: The Joy of Music, The Job of Real Estate

Part holiday album, part jazz funk excursion, all Vulfpeck, this collection can be a bit haphazard but in the end has something for everyone and can be used to put your home in a festive mood year-round.