Peter Bjorn + John :: Endless Dream

Not exactly dance music, but very danceable music, filled with intricate pop arrangements, sly lyrics, and impeccable production.

Disq :: Collector

Finely crafted pop songs dressed up in rock outfits, shifting moods and approaches with every track.

Tennis :: Swimmer

Intricate blue-eyed soul arrangements and a heavenly female pop singer intersect into something decidedly sturdy and magnetic.

Clifffs :: Panic Attack

Edgy and propulsive in a way that fills songs with multitudes of hooks and excitements, alive with nervy energy and unafraid to fit it all in under two minutes.

Dan Deacon :: Mystic Familiar

If you grew up on videogames, the frenetic multilayered synths will sound like the final moments of a big boss battle. If not, it sounds like a bunch of live Casio keyboards being sent down the garbage disposal. In a good way.

Black Lips :: Sing In A World That’s Falling Apart

The Black Lips are like looking outside the bar window and seeing country and punk having an argument then a fistfight.

Double Date with Death :: L’Au-Delà

Excellent garage psychedelia from Quebec that transcends any language barrier with its insistent guitars, lush textures, and thundering drums.

Juliana Hatfield :: Sings The Police

The source material is brilliant, but the interpretations are so uneven that it’s more like “Juliana Hatfield’s Wax Museum of Songs by The Police”.