Imperial Wax :: Gastwerk Saboteurs

After serving 11 years backing Mark E. Smith, this bands breaks out into a dark rock sound, thrilling with its edgy energy and monster riffing.

The Woolly Bushmen :: In Shambles

This Florida garage-rock combo provides complete party in audio format, featuring regrettable debauchery, frenzied dancing, and a desire to not have the fun ever end.

Daddy Long Legs :: Lowdown Ways

Having the word “daddy” in your band’s name is a tough bar to clear, and these guys have just the type of delta blues sleaze to make it over easy.

Cayucas :: Real Life

Clever pop songs, filled with good hooks and ready for mixtapes

Fontaines DC :: Dogrel

Razor-sharp post-punk delivered with a disaffected Irish brogue. Very smart on many levels, recalling The Fall when they were at their most musical

Øzwald :: Sweet Delirium

Sparkling gems, with great ‘70s AM radio hooks and harmonies and incredibly detailed production.

John Vanderslice :: The Cedars

A meticulously crafted release, with extreme attention to detail and a great sense of cohesion despite a wide variety of sounds… destined to be a classic.

Orville Peck :: Pony

Old fashioned haunted country music… Orville Peck howls, croons, and yodels in a way that is extremely dramatic, yet never quite goes over the top.